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Min Inc midfacelift

the medical term Mid-Rhytidectomy:

Greek for Removal of wrinkles

Laser treatments

Following surgery, we laser the incision sites. We also laser to tighten and tone your facial skin. Return in 6 months for more.

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therapeutic massage

Successful post-surgical recovery means getting your body to relax and heal. Our licensed massage therapists bring it on with a series of our signature massages.

included in program
included in program



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Minimal incision mid-facelift

BENEFITS: Many women will look at photos from younger days and notice beautiful cheek bones that would no longer appear in a photo taken today. Instead, the facial tissue has moved down as though being pulled by gravity and the hanging mid-face barely moves with smiles and laughter. It is as if age has given the mid-face a lifeless, bland affect.

DESCRIPTION: The mid-face is corrected by relatively small incisions that are made either above the ears or under the eyes, or a combination of the two. The exact location depends upon your individual goals. This procedure is typically combined with lower eyelid surgery and/or facelift surgery. The objective is to tighten and reposition the tissue at the mid-face so that it drapes in a more youthful and defined fashion over the cheekbones.

RISKS: All surgical procedures carry risk. Anyone undergoing surgery must understand that even though the odds of a major event are small, risks from surgery are real. Whenever the skin is broken, there is the possibility of infection, necrosis, swelling, bruising, scarring, discoloration, nerve damage, itching, hematoma, pain, etc. Our goal is safety. We use a local anesthetic to decrease the risks associated with general anesthesia. We have you back for several post-op visits to monitor your healing. We are open 7 days each week and are accessible via email. We work together to keep the risks reasonable and small.






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