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Laser facelift

this face lift achieves Tightening and

wrinkle ablation with laser energy

laser facelift

BENEFITSWith any proposed solution, it best to first clearly define the problem as well as the objectives. A strong laser treatment works wonderfully to soften and often eliminate wrinkles and discoloration. The skin can appear baby smooth in some areas and greatly improved in others. The skin will also be somewhat tightened and exude health and youth. Laser can be an outstanding choice for those with sun-damage related wrinkling and spotting. However, If one’s objective is to treat hanging skin, deep crow’s feet or well-established folds, laser will not be the solution. The laser has tightening properties, but these properties do not compare with those from a surgical lift procedure. In some patients, a combination of laser and facelift may be the winning formula. If the downtime associated with high-intensity laser is an issue due to work and social schedules, a series of lower intensity lasers should be considered. While the results are not as dramatic, reasonable goals can be attained.

DESCRIPTION Laser concentrates energy in a highly controlled manner. That is the long and short of laser’s key benefit. As a treatment device, laser can deliver dramatic results because a consistent intensity can be achieved along with the delivery of tremendous energy. By being able to pinpoint the collagen layer of the skin safely, laser can affect beautiful changes to the surface skin. Following high-intensity laser resurfacing, the skin will be red for weeks. The skin will also be extremely sensitive and unable to withstand normal rigors of makeup, sun exposure, abrasion, hot water, and the like. A series of lower intensity laser will not produce instantaneous results, but the downtime is negligible and minimally inconveniencing.

RISKS All surgical procedures carry risk. Anyone undergoing surgery must understand that even though the odds of a major event are small, risks from surgery are real. Whenever the skin is broken, there is the possibility of infection, necrosis, swelling, bruising, scarring, discoloration, nerve damage, itching, hematoma, pain, etc. Our goal is safety. We use a local anesthetic to decrease the risks associated with general anesthesia. We have you back for several post-op visits to monitor your healing. We are open 7 days each week and are accessible via email. We work together to manage risk.


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