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The secret to be a good candidate for facelift surgery is revealed:

A facelift is also known as rhytidectomy is a type of cosmetic surgery that eliminates excess skin from the face. The aim is to reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck, such as wrinkles and weakening skin. Sometimes, underlying facial tissues are also tightened.

Facelift surgery is typically done to:

  • Eliminate the signs of aging such as wrinkles and saggy skin.
  • Removes and tightens sagging skin
  • Reduces the droop of the cheeks around the jawline
  • Lifts the corners of the mouth
  • Reduces the creases between the cheeks and the lips

In general, people routinely think about facelift surgery after the age of 40. However, many people continue to receive plastic surgery at younger ages. If you have good health and you are not into smoking regularly, you can go for a facelift surgery Chicago.

Though minimally invasive plastic surgery for the face is a relatively simple procedure, not everyone is suitable for a face-lift. Candidates with good skin elasticity, a strong bone structure and loose skin on their face or neck are the ideal candidates for facelift surgery. Plastic surgery for your face is meant to stretch the facial skin to eliminate wrinkles and your soft skin will allow you to heal better and faster.

Furthermore, a good bone structure will also help you gain a better result because the underlying structure gives support to the skin. If you have ‘weak’ facial characteristics, you may also want to consider having fillers to enhance your underlying structure. If you have loosened skin on your face and neck then this can be pruned and compressed during the method.

You may not be suitable for a facelift surgery if you have certain medical conditions. Heavy smokers are also not ideal candidates for any type of surgery as they are at more jeopardy when undergoing general anesthetic as well as flap loss and skin necrosis. Smokers are advised to stop smoking at least 3-4 weeks/months before the surgery as nicotine consumption can prolong the healing process.

A good candidate for facelift surgery should be:

  • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that impair healing
  • Nonsmokers, Nondrinkers
  • Individuals with realistic expectations

Your plastic surgeon should be able to give you more advice and guidance based on your current skin condition and desired aesthetic outcomes.


It’s important to know the capability of a facelift to make us “look young again”. While a thriving facelift may reduce 10 years off your look, it pays to be under no illusions of what a facelift can and cannot achieve. The goal of a facelift should be to be almost invisible, in that you look like a more youthful, refreshed version of yourself, but that you still look like yourself.

You can check our plastic surgery before and after pictures to find out the drastic improvements of plastic surgery for face. We are ready to serve you all the time, so contact us today to book your appointment.

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