Evolution Plastic Surgery

Evolution of Plastic Surgery

Evolution of Plastic Surgery We have listed 10 of the most common points that will clearly tell you how plastic surgery has evolved.

Point 1:
  • Plastic surgery is all about developing appearance:

  • Nowadays, your look matters a lot in order to show your glamorous personality and it also plays an important role in the overall health and well-being.
  • As per studies, approximately 88% of patients are expected to have realistic outcome expectations. Patients say that plastic surgery has helped them to boost self-esteem and eliminate anxiousness.
Point 2:
  • It is not "too expensive" anymore!
  • Plastic surgery is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy elite. With the fastest growing technology, surgery techniques are evolving. That's why many procedures have even decreased price.
Point 3:
  • No more scars.
  • Every plastic surgery carries risks. However, a trained plastic surgeon will use his aesthetic art and will minimize or eliminate your deformities.
  • Such as:
    Breast augmentation scars are hidden in the armpit Facelift scars are hidden along the hairline and within the contours of the ears. Tummy tuck scars are hidden beneath the underwear line.
Point 4:
  • Losing weight and Liposuction are not the same!

  • Many people think that Liposuction is a permanent form of weight loss, but that's not correct.
  • It contours the body by removing fat layers and consistent exercise or work out will help you to eliminate fat forming in the abdomen.
Point 5:
  • All you need a board certified plastic surgeon:

  • If you want the ultimate outcome of your plastic surgery then you should definitely go for a board certified surgeon.
Point 6: All Botox is not the same:

Well, Botox is just a brand name such as Band-Aid and Kleenex have become common names in every household. Dysport and Xeomin are two other types of botulinum toxin that can enhance the look of frown lines and wrinkles.

Point 7: Breast Implants are safe now!

The USFDA has approved various silicone breast implants for medical use through various scientific trials and research. Breast implants are not linked to cancer, but you need to go through routine breast cancer screening.

Point 8:

Breast implants do not affect breastfeeding:

According to the majority of women, Breast implants do not affect breastfeeding at all. However, it is not guaranteed. The tissues might get affected due to surgery (breast reconstruction after mastectomy)

Point 9: Plastic surgery carries less risk:

Every surgery carries some risk, but you will be 100 % assured about your safety if you go with a board certified plastic surgeon who has vast experience in this domain.

Point 10: Plastic surgery is not just for women, it's for everyone:

According to a study, there is a huge increase in the number of male patients who are undergoing cosmetic surgery to boost up their looks.

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