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The medical term Rhytidectomy:

greek for Removal of wrinkles




Laser treatments

Following surgery, we laser the incision sites. We also laser to tighten and tone your facial skin. Return in 6 months for more.

included in program

therapeutic massage

Successful post-surgical recovery means getting your body to relax and heal. Our licensed massage therapists bring it on with a series of our specialized massages.

included in program

the minimal incision facelift


A refreshed, healthy look works wonders for a rejuvenated you. Today’s connected world makes it difficult to hide out for weeks after a facelift. Additionally, many do not want the long incisions and moense recovery period that accompanies a more traditional lift. The Minimal Incision Facelift delivers a revitalized look with smaller incisions and a reasonable recovery. You also have the benefit of local anesthesia performed in our out-patient suite as opposed to a stay at the hospital.


The concept of lifting is normally associated with long incisions around the ears and a series of incisions hidden within the hairline. The Minimal Incision Facelift is a less comprehensive lift that concentrates on correcting the most common and visible defects of the aging face. Minimal, in this context then, refers to a modern, selectively targeted approach. The incisions are typically along the front of the ear and are significantly smaller than a traditional lift. Special instruments are inserted and used to pull back tissue from a wider area than what is typical with long incisions.


All surgical procedures carry risk. Anyone undergoing surgery must understand that even though the odds of a major event are small, risks from surgery are real. Whenever the skin is broken, there is the possibility of infection, necrosis, swelling, bruising, scarring, discoloration, nerve damage, itching, hematoma, pain, etc. Our goal is safety. We use a local anesthetic to decrease the risks associated with general anesthesia. We have you back for several post-op visits to monitor your healing. We are open 7 days each week and are accessible via email. We work together to reduce risk.



A 48 year old woman before and then 2 days after short scar facelift, endoscopic brow lift, lower blepharoplasty and midface lift. Like all surgery patients, she showered the very next day. Her surgery only took 98 minutes and was done under local anesthesia with the patient talking to Dr Speron the entire time while experiencing no pain at all.

Same patient - notice the minimal bruising and swelling. Her midface has been strongly rejuvenated.

Same patient - notice there are no scars behind the ear!

Same patient - notice the nice improvement of her nasolabial folds and lip lift effect without any surgery or injections in this area!

Same patient - newer techniques for eyelid surgery do not get rid of the periorbital fat because a common complaint after removing it is a skeletonized look, especially in the upper eyelids. This problem is also seen more frequently in thin patients such as this one. The goal is to look natural and reshaping and repositioning the fat without removing it accomplishes this.

A 56 year old female patient before and 6 weeks after a redo facelift (1st facelift done elsewhere), upper and lower blepharoplasty and midface lift. Her facial area has been nicely rejuvenated without skin care programs, peels or laser. Notice the skin tone is much improved with the repostioning. The square and aged face has become more youthful. Like all surgery patients, she started exercising 2 weeks after her procedure.

Same patient - notice the sharper jawline and repostioned midfacial tissues.

Same patient - notice the cheek has been moved back up to its youthful position. No neck work was done at this time.

Same patient - notice her perioral area has been nicely rejuvenated and the "lip-lift" is very desirable.

Same patient - notice the surgically improved canthal ligament and muscle tightening that brings out a more natural look than simply pulling skin. There is no ectropion or scleral show as seen with some other eyelid procedures.

A 48 year old Asian female patient before and 3 months after a short scar facelift, midface lift and lower blepharoplasty. Notice the recapturing of her youthfulness without an artificial look. Her lips also look more youthful without any injections.

Same patient - she is very happy with the cheek augmentation she wanted without any injections or implants. Only her own tissue was used and repositioned where she wanted it. Her friends and coworkers all told her she looked "so refreshed and so much better but they could not put their finger on what was different."

Same patient - the sideburn hair is pulled purposely back for the picture to reveal the thin red scar that is still healing but is usually hidden behind the hair. Notice the ease with which she wears her hair up - since there is no scar behind her ears.

Same patient - notice her wide lower face, thickened masseter muscles and square look have been corrected to a more vertical shape that she desired and was pleasing to her. No Botox or injections were used.

Same patient - she did not want an upper blepharoplasty although she could've benefited from it. It doesn't matter what bothers the physician, spouse or your friends. What matters is what bothers the patient and what they would like improved as long as they are realistic.

A 45 year old female patient before and 4 weeks after a short-scar facelift, midface lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty. Results are without skin care programs, peels, collagen injections or laser treatments. Unfortunately, the patient is half-blinking so it is hard to fully appreciate the actual degree of eyelid rejuvenation.

Same patient - notice the shapelier youtfulness that doesn't look artificial. She wanted to retain her dimples. Her perioral area has been nicely rejuvenated

Same patient - notice the very defined flat neck despite no neck work being done at this time.

A 62 year old African American female patient before and 1 year after a short scar facelift, midface lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty. She complained of looking tired. She now looks very natural and full of life. She missed only 1 day of work!

Same patient - notice the dramatic difference and a very harmonious youthful shape to her cheeks and face.

Same patient - notice the corrected jowls, nasolabial, melolabial folds without any injections which the patient did not desire.

Same patient - notice her eyebrows and more symmetric despite no brow lift being performed. The nasojugal groove and fallen malar fat pads are not more youthful.

A 51 year old male patient before and 3 months after short scar facelift, bilateral lower blepharoplasty & midface lift. Notice the overall refreshed, natural-looking appearance without any fillers, injections or further proceures.

Same patient - notice the scars blending in without the use of any makeup or concealer.

Same patient - notice the correction of his malar ptosis, tear trough deformity and nasolabial folds. There was no fat removed. This is a great result because the patient had a collagen abnormlaity as well as chronic lymphatic swelling under his eyes.

Same patient - because of his eyelid laxity, his ligament and muscles were tightened as much as possible. He can get further improvement by targeting deeper fat inside his eye socket as can be done for thyroid patients.

Same patient - notice the rejuvenated appearance of the perioral area even without other procedures such as injectables and laser that can improve it even more.

A 58 year old female patient before and 6 weeks after short scar facelift, bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty & midface lift. Notice the natural appearance. She wanted to look like herself and not look artificial. No injections or laser was used.

Same patient - Before. Above Right - 6 Weeks After

Same patient - Before. Above Right - 3 Months After

Same patient - Before. Above Right - 3 Months After

Same patient - Before. Above Right - 3 Months After

Same patient - Before. Above Right - 3 Months After


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