Mini-Facelift or Mid Facelift Results
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Lynn's Facelift Story - Short Scar Facelift Quick In Office Surgery Quick Recovery

no scars at all behind the ears!

55 year old female before and 1 day after a Mini-Facelift or Short Scar Facelift or Lower Facelift. Notice the dramatic improvement of her jowls and neck. 3 separate SMAS muscle sutures in 3 different directions are used to achieve a powerful, natural lift. This procedure was done under local anesthesia and took 30 minutes in the office. Patient had a previous Lifestyle Lift and was very unhappy with her result, as well the bilateral pixie earlobe deformities. This was also corrected at the same time.

no scars at all behind the ears!

Patient decided to videotape herself during her recovery in the first 2 weeks with her cellphone. You will notice even in the immediate postoperative period, her facelift looks pretty natural. You will see some traction of the inside SMAS muscle sutures that will go away. Of course, as things continue to heal and when the healing is complete, she will obtain her final, even more natural result.

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