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A 48 year old woman before and then 2 days after short scar facelift, endoscopic brow lift, lower blepharoplasty and midface lift. Like all surgery patients, she showered the very next day. Her surgery only took 98 minutes and was done under local anesthesia with the patient talking to Dr Speron the entire time while experiencing no pain at all.

Chicago facelift surgeon

Same patient - notice the minimal bruising and swelling. Her midface has been strongly rejuvenated.

facelift surgeon cosmetic surgery

Same patient - notice there are no scars behind the ear!

surgery or injections

Same patient - notice the nice improvement of her nasolabial folds and lip lift effect without any surgery or injections in this area!

facelift surgeon cosmetic surgery

Same patient - newer techniques for eyelid surgery do not get rid of the periorbital fat because a common complaint after removing it is a skeletonized look, especially in the upper eyelids. This problem is also seen more frequently in thin patients such as this one. The goal is to look natural and reshaping and repositioning the fat without removing it accomplishes this.

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